About Us

THE first Trash Hero chapter was founded in Thailand in December 2013. Since then, the movement has grown rapidly and we are now a global network active in 15 countries, with most activity concentrated in Southeast Asia.

Trash Hero was registered in the UK in December 2018 as Trash Hero GB CIC, a not-for-profit community interest company with registration number 11606176.

Trash Hero GB CIC has one paid member of staff, Seema Prabhu, who works as a Programme Director for the global network, with a special focus on Southeast Asia. We also have a small but dedicated team of volunteers who provide additional programme, admin and fundraising support.

To keep costs down, we do not have a physical office.

The global Trash Hero network

Our network – or what we call our “Trash Hero family” – consists of 160+ informal local chapters and, in some countries where we have a strong presence, national organisations. The whole is governed by Trash Hero World, a non-profit association headquartered in Switzerland.

Trash Hero GB CIC works closely with Trash Hero World to:

  • support our volunteers, chapters and national organisations
  • ensure that programme quality standards are met and
  • leverage resources and increase impact across the network.

Our primary goal over the next 3 – 5 years is to support the Southeast Asian organisations and their activities until they become self-sufficient. We will concurrently start mission-related projects within the UK during this year (2020).

How we are funded

Only registered national organisations within the network may raise and manage funds; chapters depend upon donations in kind from their local communities. As a registered organisation, Trash Hero GB CIC does engage in fundraising for our activities worldwide and closer to home.

Our main source of funding currently comes from Trash Hero World, who provide a rolling grant to fund the Programme Director position. We also raise funds within the UK from individual and corporate donations, as well as from grant-making foundations.

For full details of how we raise and use funds please see the latest global Annual Report. For any enquiries please contact us.

Public benefit statement

Trash Hero GB CIC, along with the rest of the global network, works for the benefit of the public in general through:

1) The advancement of environmental improvement and protection
• organising collective voluntary actions to remove litter from public spaces (beaches, parks, waterways and streets)
• promoting the correct disposal of waste in (recycling) bins; and reusing items instead of throwing them away
• promoting the use of reusable containers and packaging in order to reduce household waste and the burden on landfill and oceans
• enabling the reduction of single-use plastic within whole communities through low-cost sustainable alternatives

2) The advancement of citizenship and community development
• championing voluntary work, in particular collective effort, as a solution to the issues of litter and uncurbed household waste
• providing practical opportunities for people to be trained as community volunteers and participate in voluntary community activities
• promoting good citizenship through collective community action
• creating social cohesion around a common cause and resilience through community-wide networks and initiatives