What is a Chapter?

Chapters are Trash Hero volunteer groups run by local residents with support from our mentor team. They organise at the minimum a weekly litter pick and / or manage a water bottle refill scheme. They may also run a kids’ programme or other community-based activities.

Why start a Chapter?

The main goal of a Chapter is to create positive change within your community. You should be clear that Trash Hero is not an activity to promote yourself or any personal business interests. The strength of Trash Hero as a whole comes from each Chapter creating and sustaining an independent, active and growing presence in its community.

Will I make a good Trash Hero leader?

Trash Hero takes action in an inclusive and respectful way. So a positive attitude and an ability to communicate with a range of people is more important than previous experience.

How much time will I need to give?

The bigger and better your team is the easier it is. Once you are set up the usual amount per person would be 4 hours per week, 2 hours for the cleanup and 2 hours for communication, finding local sponsors and social media. This time needs to be regular as the goal is to create a community that will work together and make a real difference in your area.

Will I be paid?

Yes, with lots of good karma and smiles and positive energy – but not with money. Trash Hero does not pay any expenses on principle: by involving local businesses, and seeking donations in kind, you will both involve the wider community and cover your running costs.

Will I get training?

We have a comprehensive Trash Hero Chapter Handbook that provides guidance on organising cleanups and other activities. You will also have access to our mentor team who will coach you and provide support.

What are the first steps?

You will need a team: alone you can walk faster, but together you get further. You can ask people you know, or post on social media to see if anyone is interested in helping. Have an initial meeting and go through the Trash Hero Chapter Handbook. If you are under 18 you will need an adult in your team. Ideally you would have 3 – 4 team members who can cover a range of tasks:
  • organising activities
  • communicating with the public
  • involving the community and local businesses
  • documenting and sharing what you do
There is no registration fee or membership fee to pay. Check with your local council to see if there are any health and safety or public liability restrictions on conducting cleanups in public places. They may be able to offer you support in the form of cleaning materials and / or logistics to take away the rubbish from your cleanup. Once you are ready to take action, please fill in the form below to arrange an informal phone or Skype interview.

Not for you?

We have plenty of other volunteer opportunities that will get you involved with our movement. Please check the volunteer jobs board on our global site for more details. Or, you can make a donation that will go towards our programmes. If you are passing through any area with an existing Trash Hero chapter, you can also go along and help them out with a cleanup – no cost, no sign up, just show up.
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