Our vision

Trash Heroes want to live in a world with zero waste where all sectors of society work together to create a sustainable and circular economy. We believe that this change starts with YOU. Yes, you! 

Every one of us has the ability to make a difference.

Together we can turn the tide on single use plastic and contribute to a clean world, free from plastic pollution.

Our activities are currently funded by Trash Hero World, read the 2019 Annual Report with full financial statement here.


If you’ve seen what we do and would like to start a Trash Hero chapter in your local area, read this information first.

Our global volunteer jobs board offers admin / support positions (not in a chapter) for people with a few hours to spare every week.

Or maybe you could get your workplace interested in zero waste? See this page for CSR opportunities.

If you are passing through any area with an existing Trash Hero chapter, you can also go along and help them out with a cleanup – no cost, no sign up, just show up.

Finally, you could make a donation that will go towards our programmes.